Chaga Noloson – Walking in Beauty

Chaga Noloson – Walking in Beauty Exhibition (Photo ©2021 Glenn Scott Egli)

December 1, 2021 — An Indigenous art exhibit exploring justice through beauty entitled, “Chaga Nolosan – Walking in Beauty”, was held at Green Acre, A Baha’i Center of Learning in Eliot, Maine, USA, in November 2021. The exhibit and closing program was sponsored by Artists Building Capacity as World Citizens.

Walking With Our Sisters – Louise Profeit LeBlanc. Tapestry (community piece), 2012

This multi-media art show highlighted and amplified the voices and contributions of our Indigenous sisters and brothers in our greater Northeast region of the United States and Canada. Voices that have been historically silenced were supported in this effort to explore and learn about Indigenous peoples in this region and their unique contributions to the culture and wisdom flowing from our diverse human family.

Ed Bullock, a Native American of Wôpanâak descent and owner of a generational family business, Little Bull Native American Trading Post and Art Gallery, York Beach, Maine USA, in collaboration with the Chaga Nolosan Art Exhibit offered a moving presentation to a spellbound audience at Green Acre on the closing evening of the exhibit. 

Ed Bullock, Wôpanâak (Photo ©2021 Glenn Scott Egli)

Mr. Bullock’s personal experience as well as his insightful knowledge of Native American culture was expressed through a variety of Arts including song, drumming, dance, storytelling, personal dress and meaningful symbols in Native American regalia. The question and answer portion of the evening demonstrated a depth of respect and sincere appreciation from the participants…an inspiring closure to this months-long learning experience for so many.

Ojibwe Prophecy – Martha Russell. Wood Block Print, 8 x 10 inches.

The entire exhibit collection hung in the Green Acre auditorium and was curated and presented by Indigenous peoples of the Americas. It was open to the public for many weeks until mid November 2021. Due to Covid precautions, there was a limit of 10 guests per hour, free of charge and open to all. The gallery can be viewed online: