Grant Encourages Students to Explore Art and Science Partnerships in 3D

Over the past year, Artists Building Capacity as World Citizens has been collaborating with the Seacoast Charter School of Dover, New Hampshire, to encourage sustainable-development awareness of the United Nations’ Global Goals.

As part of ABC-WC’s program, The Art of Serving Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the Goals are being incorporated into classroom activities; and a Call to Art inspired by the Goals and initiated by ABC-World Citizens is being facilitated with students in all grades by art teacher Hannah Pasquale.

Headmaster Peter Sweet, and
Director of Development Sheila Shea, receive the grant from ABC-WC’s Inger Gregory.

ABC-WC board members Inger Gregory and Mara Khavari recently visited the school’s headmaster Peter Sweet, and director of development Sheila Shea, to finalize the school’s receipt of a grant from ABC-WC for purchase of a quality 3D printer for the school. The donation of the printer aims to support the school’s efforts to provide global STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education to its students. Students will learn how to use a 3D printer and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software through interdisciplinary approaches to technology that facilitate learning that is challenging, creatively engaging, and effective.

“We are thrilled to further our partnership with ABC-WC to bring the use of 3D printing across all subject matters,” said development director Sheila Shea. “Our students will be able to explore subjects in a more authentic way where they can touch and see their work, which is how students often learn best.”

The Seacoast Charter School is a publicly funded K-8 charter school and 501(c) 3 nonprofit
organization, uniquely focused on experiencing education through the arts. The school was
founded in 2004 serving eight children in the grades 3-5. Over the past 12 years, Seacoast
Charter School has grown to serve 280 children in grades K-8 from 30 towns on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. The school’s mission is to provide excellence in core academics and the arts while cultivating the individual qualities and strengths of each child.