Second Year for Ms. Coretta Scott King Musical Theater Grant

January 14, 2024 — For a second year in a row ABC-WC has granted financial support for a musical honoring Ms. Coretta Scott King. Her eventful life as a classical singer, civil rights leader, and wife of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is gracefully depicted in the musical Hear Her Sing for Freedom, adapted and staged by Najee Ayman Brown, director of the Multicultural Arts Center of Cambridge, MA, An ABC World Citizens’ grant was awarded in January 2023 to the Multicultural Arts Center to support production performances of Hear Her Sing for Freedom. A second grant in January 2024 supported extended performances at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA, as well as at Green Acre a Baha’i Center of Learning in February 2024. This very professional production was relevant, heart warming, and heart rending with great music, dance and for so many, little known storytelling of the history of Ms. Coretta Scott King’s life as a professional singer in support of the Civil Rights Era work.

Photos by Glenn Scott Egli