Finding Your Voice

"Finding Your Voice" workshop at Arts In Reach
“Finding Your Voice” workshop at Arts In Reach

In November a full-day workshop was held in partnership with a local New Hampshire organization, Arts In Reach (AIR), that works with teenage girls at risk. Eleven teenage girls participated in this workshop led by two internationally known artists passionate about helping women find their voice – Kate Digby, choreographer/dancer from New York City and Erika Batdorf, actor/director/playwright from Toronto, Canada.

Inspired by brave women who have changed the world, this workshop was designed to challenge, inspire and get participants talking, moving and writing! Examples explored were women such as Martha Graham, Tahirih and Sojourner Truth who have struggled to speak up for themselves and others and who have changed the world because of their courage.

Responses from the participants to the question “My favorite part of today’s workshop was…” included:

“…doing the walk to the audience and having confidence to do that. Thank you for this opportunity.”
“…learning more about my friends and the I AM game.”
“…speaking out to everyone.”
“…when we went individually or in a duet and shared our ‘I Feel, I Want, I Am’”
“…getting to reflect – you got to hear everyone’s opinion. I personally related to all of them.”
“…writing in the journal and making our own posters.”
“I enjoyed the entire workshop! Certain parts were a little nerve racking for me!”

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