ABC-WC Support for the Arts in 2022

January 17, 2022 — Two creative initiatives in 2022 were supported by ABC World Citizens:

1. A six months long Art Exhibit around the theme of “Afrofuturism – Unity in Diversity” was presented by Green Acre a Baha’i Center of Learning and the Seacoast African American Cultural Center. For details:
In this “Call for Art”  creative people were encouraged to…
Imagine a vision of the future in which the stains of our collective past do not paint the present and future. This is the vision of AFROFUTURISM. A vision of the future in which people of African descent not only have a place in – but are synonymous with – the progress and advancement of the human race.
Through art, science, philosophy and exploration they lead our world forward. It is in this vision we wish to explore, through art, what the contributions of the entire body of the human race might yield. It is in this vision that we ask you to create your works of art for a six month art exhibit….Imagine the future.
2. “Theater for the People” original production by Najee Brown: “Nevaeh’s Brother”  
A grant was presented  to “Theater for the People” and Najee Brown, Founder and Director of “Theater for the People”, in support of performances and production of Najee Brown’s original play “Nevaeh’s Brother”.  Two performances where given in Massachusetts at the Brickbox Theater, Worchester and the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. Another performance at Green Acre, a Baha’i Center of Learning  in Eliot, Maine.
The performance of the one act play “Nevaeh’s Brother” was followed by lively discussion:
At Green Acre, a Center of Learning in Eliot, Maine the play was followed by a conversation about race in America and the issues that surround it, with a focus on the oneness of humanity. Part of the Pupil of the Eye series that centers around people of African descent and the African American experience. This event provided an opportunity to explore, ask questions and dig deeper in an uplifting environment.
From “Theater for the People’s” mission statement:
“Theater for the People” is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) produced touring theater company based in New England. Through curating thought provoking plays accompanied by dialogue spaces, we build community through the pursuit of oneness and Diversity.
NEVAEH’S BROTHER is a tragic love story. The main characters are a sister and her younger brother and the theme explores black identity and incarceration. This one-act play digs deep into the inner thoughts and feelings of a black man living through the effects of an unjust system in present day America. It also reflects the strength of a black woman navigating that same system…
From Najee Brown, playwright and director – “I’m hoping that the people in the audience will find some way to connect with any of these characters whether they agree with them or not, and from that connection, then really assess their actions. You hope that people get to see the humanity being depicted in front of them.”